King Arthur Pendragon (Pendragon 5th Edition)

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Stafford himself viewed the game as his "masterpiece. A beautiful new edition of this influential RPG. All products will ship from the closest warehouse, and shipping is calculated per warehouse. We recommend you try to submit orders for a single warehouse at a time.

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King Arthur Pendragon 5.1 - Great Pendragon Campaign - Week 13, Part 1 - The Only Way Is Essex

It was high quality hard cover. Well bound and excellent printing. I knew I was in for a treat when I opened the first page and the heraldry of the Knights of the Round Table were there. The book is excellent, and the game even better! Pendragon 5. It is an excellent example of the melding of rules and genre to make a more consistent and evocative RPG system. The system with traits and passions encodes into the game benefits to acting in accurate ways to the random knights seen in le Morte de Arthur. Thank you! Plus the Book of Uther includes an extra 5 years at the start — with a AD start your campaign will run for 87 sessions.

If you play approximately fortnightly as my group does, you will take more than three years to finish the Great Pendragon Campaign. Through that three years of play, you will experience the whole of medieval history, as every decade of two in the campaign advances the social and technological era by a century. Each year is generally 1 to 3 pages covering everything from court gossip to political developments and often includes event-specific adventures.

Pendragon (role-playing game)

The style of play changes throughout the campaign. Following the death of King Uther and likely most of your player knights at the Infamous Feast after the Battle of St Albans in AD, play transitions to the much more open Anarchy period, during which time the player knights will largely control the fate of their home county, Salisbury, as Britain suffers without a king. My Pendragon campaign is presently in the last few years of the Anarchy period. The surviving senior player knights have assumed leadership of Salisbury through its regency council, ruling on behalf of the underage male heir of the late Count Roderick and his widow.

He married Rowena, daughter of the Saxon chieftain Hengest, and Cerdic is the product of their union. Many of the player knights generated out of the 5th edition rulebooks will have family histories which involved their fathers fighting against Vortigern and his Saxon allies, and perhaps even getting murdered by the bastard in the Treachery of the Long Knives , one of the rare events in mythology which has been so overshadowed by the real life 20th Century historical event which appropriated its name that everyone is going to assume you are talking about Nazis and wonder why you made that weak strike-thru joke about Brexit a few sentences back.

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The Great Pendragon Campaign - PDF

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King Arthur Pendragon (Pendragon 5th Edition) King Arthur Pendragon (Pendragon 5th Edition)
King Arthur Pendragon (Pendragon 5th Edition) King Arthur Pendragon (Pendragon 5th Edition)
King Arthur Pendragon (Pendragon 5th Edition) King Arthur Pendragon (Pendragon 5th Edition)
King Arthur Pendragon (Pendragon 5th Edition) King Arthur Pendragon (Pendragon 5th Edition)
King Arthur Pendragon (Pendragon 5th Edition) King Arthur Pendragon (Pendragon 5th Edition)
King Arthur Pendragon (Pendragon 5th Edition) King Arthur Pendragon (Pendragon 5th Edition)
King Arthur Pendragon (Pendragon 5th Edition) King Arthur Pendragon (Pendragon 5th Edition)

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