Star Trek: Oaths (Star Trek: Corp of Engineers, Book 16)

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Makar Chapter 6 — Who agreed to finance the reconstruction of the Cardassan industrial complex? Rights for artificial lifeforms Chapter 8 — Which ship was successful with and extremely diverse crew? Chapter 1 — Who won the election for federation president? Aennik Okeg Chapter 2 — Where were the peace talks held? Romulans Chapter 5 — What was the name of the Romulan capital?

Ambassador Worf Chapter 2 — What is the name of the group that guards the Klingon chancellor? Yan-Isleth Chapter 3 — Who was the arbiter of succession? General Tebok. Nova Roma Chapter 5 — Which photonic lifeform was declared sentient by the Federation supreme court? Chapter 1 — Where was the U. Kelso when it was destroyed? Devron Sector Chapter 2 — How many members of Starfleet security where court-martialed after the destruction of the U. Chapter 1 — Who developed a treatment for Bloodfire?

Dopterians Chapter 6 — Who was the captain of the U. Chapter 1 — Which ship was Geordi la Forge given command of when he was promoted to captain? Challenger Chapter 2 — Who restored the house of Duras to legitimacy? Hassan the Undying Chapter 4 — What did general Tebok refuse to do in ? Fire on civilians on Kevatras. Chapter 1 — Which beings did the Federation council exclude form the dual citizenship program?

Artificial lifeforms Chapter 2 — Rhea was the first person granted dual citizenship in the Federation. Where else did she hold citizenship? New voters with dual citizenship Chapter 4 — Which ship was Naomi Wildman assigned to? Hathaway Chapter 5 — What kind of explosive was used in the attack on the peace conference in ? Ultritium resin Chapter 6 — Who took command of the Romulan second fleet? General Velal. Chapter 1 — Who inspired many Ferengi to apply to Starfleet academy?

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Federation council Chapter 6 — Who was allowed to stay in the first city after Federation citizens were asked to leave? Chapter 1 — What did the Federation do after the outbreak of war between the Klingons and the Gorn? Reinforced borders and outposts Chapter 2 — In , what did the Federation council declare to be illegal? Gorn-Klingon war Chapter 3 — where was Harry Kim assigned in ?

Starbase 11 Chapter 4 — Who was investigating the destruction of the I. Chapter 1 — Where did Sela and general Velal meet in ?

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Zeta Voltantis Chapter 2 — Who was elected to lead the Cardassian union in ? Natima Lang Chapter 3 — Who was revealed to be an Undine in ? Councilor Konjah Chapter 4 — In , which ship attempted to aid the Gorn? Lindberg Chapter 5 — Who resigned his post after the Federation council refused to change their position on the Gorn-Klingon war? Worf Chapter 6 — Who was named head of Starfleet corps of engineers in ? Chapter 1 — Who blockaded the Gorn homeworld in ? Which ship did they attack? Pike Chapter 3 — To which race may the Lorians be related? France Chapter 5 — Who was the leader of the True Way in ?

Chapter 1 — What did the Klingons destory to allow them to land on the Gorn Homeworld? Planetary power relay Chapter 2 — Which general was in charge of the Klingon force that invaded the Gorn homeworld? General Klag Chapter 3 — Why did the Klingons execute the Gorn prime minister and head of military intelligence? Batlh Chapter 6 — Who captured praetor Taris after the revolt in ?

No one Chapter 7 — Who was named leader of the Romulan fleet after the revolt in ? Chapter 1 — What did Starfleet open more of in ? Transwarp hubs Chapter 2 — What did the Soong foundation want Starfleet to disclose in ? Three months Chapter 4 — Where did Sela open a memorial in ? Remains of the Romulan homeworld. Chapter 1 — What was the first Federation system attacked by the Klingons in ?

Korvat Chapter 2 — What ship was damaged defending Korvat?

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Technology and information Chapter 5 — Who was elected Federation president in ? Aennik Okeg Chapter 6 — What planet did the Gorn attack in ? Chapter 1 — The Klingons attempted to conquer the Archanis Sector once before In which year did that happen? Where were the power cells developed? Factories and replicator facilities Chapter 4 — Who was the head of Starfleet intelligence in ? Chapter 1 — Who rejected the idea of a Federation-Klingon cease fire in ?

Phylosians Chapter 3 — What were the Romulans searching for in ? Chapter 1 — Who is the mayor of Pike city in ?

No one Chapter 3 — What did Sela do at her coronation? Took a blood oath to uphold the empire Chapter 4 — Where did Starfleet send the U. Using the memory core that T'Pol retrieved from one of the Spheres, they determine that four of the dozens of Spheres are integral to the subspace energy grid that connects them all. The closest is Sphere 41 — if they can damage it, it might disrupt the entire grid, putting the Sphere-Builders' plans in jeopardy. Archer knows that time is of the essence — Enterprise needs to stop the Reptilians and Insectoids from launching the weapon.

The Primates and Arboreals are already on his side, but he needs more firepower. With his Xindi allies by his side, Archer makes a plea to the leaders of the Xindi-Aquatics: help Enterprise stop the Reptilians, and he will disable the Spheres.

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After all, the Spheres are turning the Expanse into a trans-dimensional wasteland — unless they are destroyed, the Xindi will not survive. After much deliberation, the Aquatics finally agree to assist Enterprise. Meanwhile, on the Reptilian ship, the parasites that were injected into Hoshi have done their job and she has decrypted the third launch code. Triumphant, the Reptilians prepare to arm the weapon. Reed discusses the plan with Hayes, and shares that he regrets he was unable to save Corporal Hawkins, who died while under his command. Hayes, however, knows that Reed did all he could.

He assures Reed that his team will bring Hoshi back safe and sound. Flanked by Aquatic, Arboreal and Primate vessels, Enterprise is finally ready to take on the Reptilians and Insectoids. They manage to locate her, but there's a problem with Enterprise 's transporter, and the team must be beamed out only two at a time. Hayes is the last to go and he's fatally shot right before he's beamed back.

As a devastated Reed looks on, Hayes dies in Sickbay. As the fight rages on, the Sphere-Builders observe from their trans-dimensional realm. Noting that the weapon is about to be destroyed, they use one of the Spheres to create a barrier of anomalies around the weapon. The Enterprise crew tries to penetrate the barrier, but the Reptilians manage to arm the weapon and enter a subspace vortex.

They're headed for Earth. Inside the vortex, the Insectoid captain hails Commander Dolim.

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After observing how the anomalies worked to their advantage, he can't help but be suspicious that Archer's claims are true — that the Xindi "Guardians" control the Spheres and are merely manipulating the Xindi. Sensing dissension in the ranks, Dolim destroys the Insectoid ship.

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Back on Enterprise , Archer must develop another plan. Since Degra's old ship is the only vessel that will be able to catch up with the Reptilians in time, the Xindi-Primates will take Archer, Reed and a team from Enterprise to the weapon. Once there, the team will board the weapon and disable it from the inside. Archer knows that he must also take Hoshi with him, as only she can decipher the encrypted schematics for the weapon. The ensign is in no shape to go anywhere after her ordeal, but Archer believes it's the only way. Archer and company board Degra's ship, while T'Pol and Trip prepare to lead Enterprise toward Sphere 41 and disable it.

As the two teams head off on their respective missions, the senior officers wish each other luck. Both plans must go off without a hitch. Bajoran Commerce Ministry official who hired Kasidy Yates in to captain a freighter. A Bajoran prisoner aboard the Ravinok , a Cardassian ship attacked by the Breen in and forced to land on planet Dozaria.

Heler survived the crash and was forced to labor in the Breen dilithium mines on Dozaria. He and several other crash survivors were rescued by Kira Nerys and Gul Dukat in Hot, desolate Class-M planet where the Breen operate dilithium mines. Severe ionic interference in its atmosphere caused the Cardassian prison transport Ravinok to crash-land on Dozaria in after being attached by Breen warships.

Oaths by Glenn Hauman

The survivors — Bajorans and Cardassians — were forced to labor in the mines, and were rescued six years later by Kira Nerys and Gul Dukat. Previous leader of the Bajoran faith. Gul Dukat quoted her sentiments regarding the dead, "What remains after death is but a shell — a sign that the pagh has begun its final journey to the Prophets" to Kira. The beat-up ship of the Bajoran junk dealer in A star with at least two planets, one barely Class M.

A Bajoran smuggler tells Kira he has recovered a piece of metal that might be from the Ravinok , a Cardassian ship that disappeared six years ago with a group of Bajoran prisoners. A good friend of Kira's was among those lost, and she makes immediate plans to investigate, but learns a Cardassian representative wants to accompany her. Kira reluctantly agrees, then discovers that the representative is her nemesis, Dukat. The two take a Runabout , meet the smuggler, and authenticate the metal fragment, which was found in the Dozaria system.

They then land on a desert planet in that system and encounter the wreckage of the Ravinok. Kira and Dukat notice 12 graves near the site, but since several more people were on the ship, they realize some survivors may still be alive. First, however, Dukat opens the graves in order to identify bodies, and is overcome with grief when he finds the remains of a Bajoran woman who was his mistress. Kira's surprise turns to hope when it turns out that her friend was not among the dead.

They soon set off on foot, scanning the planet for survivors. While setting up camp, Dukat reveals that he had a daughter with his mistress, Tora Ziyal , a girl who is one of the possible survivors. Unfortunately, if he finds her alive, he'll have to kill her. Kira tells Dukat she won't allow him to kill Ziyal. But he insists that if her existence is revealed, he'll lose his wife, his family, and his unstable position in Cardassian government.

Soon, Kira and Dukat discover a mining operation of Bajoran and Cardassian prisoners, supervised by members of a race known as the Breen. Dukat sees his half-Cardassian, half-Bajoran daughter among the prisoners. Kira and Dukat, disguised as Breen, overcome the guards and round up the prisoners. Kira is crushed to learn that her friend died two years earlier, but Dukat is only interested in finding his daughter. When more Breen guards attack, Dukat escapes from Kira's gaze and runs off after Ziyal.

When he finds her, she instantly recognizes her father, thrilled to see him despite the fact that he is aiming a phaser rifle at her. Kira arrives and tries to stop him, and the little girl realizes what is happening. Still, Ziyal refuses to run, telling her father she'd rather die if she can't go with him.

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  4. She hugs him affectionately, and Dukat, shaken with emotion, decides to take Ziyal home — even if it costs him everything he has. Cardassian prison ship of 18 crew and 32 Bajoran prisoners lost in while under Dukat's general command and later found to have been captured for Breen mining labor on Dozaria.

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    The survivors were liberated by Dukat and Kira in ; the passengers had included two more unlisted civilians. Friend of Kira Nerys dating back to the Cardassian occupation. As a scrap metal dealer, Razka obtained a piece of metal that was determined to be from a missing ship, the Ravinok. Gamma Quadrant red giant star and system catalogued by the UFP with at least three planets, lying about two days' distance from the wormhole, six weeks from Dominion outpost as of early , and well off established Gamma Quadrant trade routes.

    Returning from a mission in the Gamma Quadrant , Bashir and O'Brien respond to what they believe is a ship in trouble on a remote planet. Instead, a plasma field causes them to crash-land on the surface, where they become prisoners of Jem'Hadar soldiers.

    Star Trek: Oaths (Star Trek: Corp of Engineers, Book 16) Star Trek: Oaths (Star Trek: Corp of Engineers, Book 16)
    Star Trek: Oaths (Star Trek: Corp of Engineers, Book 16) Star Trek: Oaths (Star Trek: Corp of Engineers, Book 16)
    Star Trek: Oaths (Star Trek: Corp of Engineers, Book 16) Star Trek: Oaths (Star Trek: Corp of Engineers, Book 16)
    Star Trek: Oaths (Star Trek: Corp of Engineers, Book 16) Star Trek: Oaths (Star Trek: Corp of Engineers, Book 16)
    Star Trek: Oaths (Star Trek: Corp of Engineers, Book 16) Star Trek: Oaths (Star Trek: Corp of Engineers, Book 16)
    Star Trek: Oaths (Star Trek: Corp of Engineers, Book 16) Star Trek: Oaths (Star Trek: Corp of Engineers, Book 16)
    Star Trek: Oaths (Star Trek: Corp of Engineers, Book 16) Star Trek: Oaths (Star Trek: Corp of Engineers, Book 16)
    Star Trek: Oaths (Star Trek: Corp of Engineers, Book 16) Star Trek: Oaths (Star Trek: Corp of Engineers, Book 16)

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