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Birthing a Legend
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Begun soon after the real Alexander's death and expanded in the centuries that followed, The Greek Alexander Myth depicts the life and adventures of one of history's greatest heroes - taming the horse Bucephalus, meeting the Amazons and his quest to defeat the King of Persia.

Including such elements of fantasy as Alexander's ascent to heaven borne by eagles, this literary masterpiece brilliantly evokes a lost age of heroism. Passar bra ihop.

Greek Alexander Romance Richard Stoneman. Ladda ned. Xerxes Richard Stoneman. Similar to the times in which men first recorded the flight myths of Icarus and Bellerophon, the emergence of the flight motif in the Romance is coupled with a highly unstable time period. Most importantly and relevant to the discussion of the flight motif occurring in Graeco-Roman literature in times of distress, Jung sees myth as a type of cultural compensation.


Fact or Fiction? The Obscure Origins of the Greek Alexander Romance | Ancient Origins

Particularly in regards to the phenomenon of UFO sightings in the s, Jung sees the sightings as a sort of mass hallucination that the terror of a new, uncharted nuclear age brought on. Jung reads the UFO sightings of the 50s as the psychological survival of the human race; in order to cope with uncertainty, the collective unconscious tries to compensate fear with a message of hope from the skies Walker, Steven F.

Jung and the Jungians on Myth: An Introduction. New York: Garland Pub, , Confronted by instability, war, and new regimes under the barbarians and the Muslims, one could argue that the Graeco-Roman world needed to compensate and attaching the familiar, ambitious and hopeful although at the same time hubristic flight motif to one of the greatest rulers they knew seems logical. The Romance was translated into every major language and became just as prolific as the Bible.

Other cultures, particularly various nations in the Middle East, adapted the Romance to suit their cultural biases. Alexander as he is portrayed in the Romance shows up in a copious amount of literature and art. Upon that he hit on a distorted scheme devoid of sense. It was, that when all were asleep, a group of men should make their way to the nests of the eagles and carry of a large number of the young birds, only leaving behind one or two in each nest. These birds he fed unceasingly for a year and a month on fowls, roast meat and whole lambs, until they acquired the strength of a lion, capable of bearing aloft a horned fighting-ram.


Then out of aloes-wood he constructed a throne, holding all fast with gold, and to each side he attached long poles on which he tied legs of mutton, a plan to which he had devoted careful thought. He then brought four strong eagles and bound them securely to the throne, on which he seated himself, with a goblet of wine set before him.

A Historical Commentary

The time arrived when the strength of these winging birds failed and they fell into distress, their pinions dissolving in sweat. There, humiliated and grief-stricken, he rested for a time devoting himself to adoration of the Creator.

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  • Why does the Romance so easily lend itself to various cultures spanning practically half the world? The fact that Alexander was real and had competing mythologizations of him in both history and literature is one of the more unique aspects of the Romance and is also what prevents it from a thoroughly satisfying reading. Without getting into the dangerous territory of differentiating between ancient history and literature, I want to put forward that the Romance is a perfect example of how the seeming dichotomy between historia and literature is blurred.

    While the Romance is undoubtedly literature, I hope that I have shown that it is a historical source as well. Not only does the Romance provide its readers with the entertainment they crave when they pick up a book, it continues the characterizations of Alexander at the same time that it provides its reader with a map documenting various profound concerns of different historical periods.

    Note 1 Pseudo-Callisthenes and Richard Stoneman. The Greek Alexander Romance.

    Development of the Ideas and Themes of Pseudo-Callisthenes in the Greek Alexander Romance

    Note 3 Additional episodes in other editions of the Romance that well-suited for my thesis are The Athenian Debate 2. Note 6 Take, for instance, the popular Greek work, Phyllada tou Megalexandrou , first published in that has 43 subsequent editions reaching down to the present time Stoneman Note 7 Ovid, and Rolfe Humphries. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world.

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    The Greek Alexander Romance The Greek Alexander Romance
    The Greek Alexander Romance The Greek Alexander Romance
    The Greek Alexander Romance The Greek Alexander Romance
    The Greek Alexander Romance The Greek Alexander Romance
    The Greek Alexander Romance The Greek Alexander Romance
    The Greek Alexander Romance The Greek Alexander Romance
    The Greek Alexander Romance The Greek Alexander Romance
    The Greek Alexander Romance The Greek Alexander Romance
    The Greek Alexander Romance

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