The Man in the Maze

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If the path is traveled in harmony and with a balance with nature, the legend says that dreams and ambitions will be found at the center of the maze, where E-e-thoi Sun God waits. He then passes them on to the next world. There is no one meaning to the Man in the Maze. Interpretations of the image vary from family to family.

The O'odham Maze of Life and Personhood

A common interpretation is as follows: The human figure stands for the O'odham people. The maze represents the difficult journey toward finding deeper meaning in life. The twists an turns refer to struggles and lessons learned along the way.

A Weaving Tradition

At the center of the maze is a circle, which stands for death, and for becoming one with Elder Brother I'itoi, the Creator. Other O'odham see the image of a man as representative of an individual, or all of mankind, or I'itoi himself. The man at the top of the maze depicts birth.

Man In The Maze Magnet

By following the pattern, beginning at the top,the figure goes through the maze encountering many turns and changes, as in life. As the journey continues, one aquires knowledge, strength and understanding.

Nearing the end of the maze, one retreats to a small corner of the pattern before reaching the dark center of death and eternal life. Here one repents, cleanses and reflects back on all the wisdom gained. Finally, pure and in harmony with the world, death and eternal life are accepted.

Wrist Circumference

The design depicts the story of each human being traveling through life as through a maze, taking many turns while growing stronger and wiser, but always approaching death, as represented by the dark center. In the Maze, the path of life begins at the periphery and progresses towards the center, but each major turn of the path is away from the center. Despite this seeming contradiction, the end of the path is the center of the maze, which is death.

As one approaches death, one is able to look back on the completed journey with its many turns and to find acceptance of the last step.

How to Draw a Man-in-the-Maze Labyrinth

The journey of life is a journey through a maze, beginning at birth and continuing through childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and finally ending in old age. After living on the streets for about a year, Nate was discovered by an old friend who instantly knew that Nate was at the end of his rope. The friend bought Nate some food and got him a room to stay for the night and get cleaned up.

Nate said he walked into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He realized that the man who looked back at him was not himself. Right then and there, in the bathroom of an obscure hotel room, Nate poured his alcohol down the toilet and committed to moving forward. Today, many years later and after many mistakes followed by recommitments , Nate is happy to report not only his long-standing sobriety, but his dedication to helping others move forward. Because our lives are filled with a labyrinth of choices, it is to be expected that we will make wrong turns and experience setbacks.

In this, we must not despair or feel that we are trapped. The quickest way out is to readily admit our mistakes and embrace our experiences for what they can teach us.

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The Man in the Maze

Order Support Contact Us. Shopping Cart. Reservations Book Online Availability : In stock. Quantity: 1. The legend of the design is that the "man" is an ancestor spirit named I'itoi who comes from his home in the mountains at night to cause mischief, then takes a bewildering route the maze back to his home to avoid being followed.

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Woven today much the same as it might have been centuries ago, the tools used are a knife, an awl, and the hands of the weaver.

The Man in the Maze The Man in the Maze
The Man in the Maze The Man in the Maze
The Man in the Maze The Man in the Maze
The Man in the Maze The Man in the Maze
The Man in the Maze The Man in the Maze
The Man in the Maze The Man in the Maze
The Man in the Maze The Man in the Maze
The Man in the Maze The Man in the Maze

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