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Why did Prophet Muhammad marry lady 'Aisha when she was only 9 years old?

But this was not a common custom of the Arabs at that time. According to Rehman Kandhulvi, there is no such case on record either before or after Islam. Neither has this ever been promoted as a Sunnah of the Prophet. The Prophet married off his daughters Fatima at 21 and Ruquiyya at But a nine-year-old could not have been taken on a rough and risky military mission. H, the Prophet refused to take boys of less than 15 years of age to the battle of Uhud.

The Life of Maria Qibtiyya

Would he have allowed a year-old girl to accompany him? But Anas reported that he saw Aisha and Umme Sulaim carrying goatskins full of water and serving it to the soldiers Bukhari. Umme Sulaim and Umme Ammara, the other women present at Uhud, were both strong, mature women whose duties were the lifting of the dead and injured, treating their wounds, carrying water in heavy goatskins, supplying ammunition and even taking up the sword. If she was six when her marriage was performed, she would have been only eight years his senior, hardly making him eligible for adoption. Also, a little girl could not have given up on ever having her own child and used an adopted child's name for her kunniat.

If she was eight when her father migrated, when did she learn poetry and history from him? On her moving to the Prophet's house, she was a young woman at Hisham is the single narrator of the hadith whose authenticity is challenged, for it does not correlate with the many historical facts of the time. Nilofar Ahmed is a scholar of the Quran and writes on contemporary issues. How to Teach Our Children About Same Sex Marriage Disclaimer The opinions expressed herein, through this post or comments, contain positions and viewpoints that are not necessarily those of IslamiCity.

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The Prophet PBUH - The Best Husband - Mufti Ismail Menk

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To support the view that our beloved mother Aisha,Allah be pleased with her, was much older because no father with allow his child especially a daughter marry at such an early age of 6 or 9. Her father was none other than Hazrat Abu Bakr Allah be pleased with him a rightoeus man and a close companion of the beloved Prophet,upon Him peace and blessings,would not have agreed to his daughter for marriage if she was still a child.

Even if Abu Bakr,Allah be pleased with him,allowed this then for sure his wife and mother of Bibi Aisha would have objected. Thus all evidence proves that our mother,Bibi Aisha was not a child but a lady. Good article. When it comes the issue in question,The Holy Quran is sufficient. The rule of the Quran,which the prophet peace of ALLAH upon him undoubtedly followed,is that of full maturity for marriage. When orphans can take over their property is the same time they become mature enough to marry. Among sunnis it is normal to ignore the Quranic ruling and guidance as long as they have hadiths from Albukhari and Muslim.

Rajm,coercing of faith,specially their Maz-hab upon people,and forcing girls to marry men they don,t want are examples of rules that contradict the Quran,but become part of Sharia. When you see muslim sects killing each other is because of hadiths saying the apostate murtad should be killed,and because each sect sees others as apostate they justify killing them. No where in the Quran is mentioned of killing apostates or non-muslims. The prophet has never fought to force faith on people and his sole mission was to deliver the message of Allah. All the wars he engaged with arabs were of military and security purpose,and he signed peace agreements with any tribe that was ready for peace.

Excellent article. Scientific and to the point. But, alas, people will still deny the truth, even if it is poking them right in their eyes.

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It's high time we stopped being apologetic about it even if it's true that Ayesha RA was indeed 9 years old. Let's keep in mind that marriage is considered as legal and successful, if the three conditions hold good, irrespective of time and place;.

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The husband and wife should be happy of being married with each other, till they die. None of the three and especially the last one, seem to have been defied or negated by the marriage of the prophet with Ayesha ra. I wouldn't mind marrying off my daughter or sister, if all the three conditions get satisfied and she doesn't live on to repent this decision taken by me on her behalf.

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Hajar was granted to Ibrahim by Sareh and Lady Maria was granted to the holy Prophet by the Maquqs, the only difference was that Hajar was the mother of Ismail and Maria had no child from the holy Prophet. At one night in the eight year of Hijra, Lady Maria found herself pregnant. The news came to the Prophet, he became very happy and made a thank to Allah. Abraham was born in the month of Zelhajeh. The Prophet pbuh granted a bondwoman to him and the infant was named Abraham, taken from the name of the great grand father, Abraham Khalilollah a.

On the seventh day of Birth, a sheep was slaughtered aqiqeh for Abraham. Ansar women who were fully informed about the love of the Prophet to Miss Maria had been competing to suckle Abraham, because they intended to get close to miss Maria.

The holy Prophet pbuh was happily pleased by witnessing seeing his growing up. Once the Holy Prophet who was out doing do something, was informed about the devastating state of his child, Abraham, and returned home,took him from the bosom of his mother while his grief was completely remarkable on his face, he stated:. If death were not a real fact and the true promise of Allah and we were not supposed to return to the first position , we would become so unhappy, the eyes are crying and the heart is very sad, but we would say nothing because of pleasing the Creator.

However, you shall know that we are saddened of missing you and your death. Because crying is a sign of kindness and compassion and whoever has no sympathy towards others would not be compassioned by the Almighty Allah.

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The Prophet went on the pulpit and addressed the people to improve this mistake and fight against these superstitions as follows:. Lady Maria was among the wives was respected by the Prophet and she was interested in Hazrat Zahra a.

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The first house of Omol-momenin Maria was the house of Hares ebne Naman. Lady Maria lived there in the summer and the season of date harvesting and Prophet pbuh used to go there to visit her.

The Women in the Prophet Muhammad's Family

Hazrat Ali a. It is said when Abraham was born Ali a. He has always been supportive of Lady Maria, and he himself was dealing with her issues. He had a special prejudice with Lady Maria. Maria was a lady of virtue, religion, benevolence, and worthy. She was much adored by the Prophet pbuh , appraised for her being religious by historians. The prophet pbuh , in a sense expressed his love in this Lady as follows:.

After the demise of the Prophet Mohammad pbuh , Abubakir established pensions for her and its payment continued during the term of second Caliph. In the end, she passed away during the term of second caliph in Muharram sixteenth year of Hijra. Omarebne Khattab called peoples for her funeral and prayed for her. She was buried in Baqi Cemetry. Name required. E-mail required, but will not display.

Notify me of follow-up comments. Toggle navigation Hajij. The Life of Maria Qibtiyya. Rate this item 1 2 3 4 5 19 votes. Abraham was greatly adored by the Prophet. Her Demise In the end, she passed away during the term of second caliph in Muharram sixteenth year of Hijra. Contributed by : Sheila Maaleki Dizaji. Read times. Published in Holy Prophet's wives. Latest Items. How did the Prophet react to a man who talked to him aggressively? Make serious decisions for solving problems of banking system, liquidity, unemployment, and inflation.

This Failed Enemy.

The Prophets Wife The Prophets Wife
The Prophets Wife The Prophets Wife
The Prophets Wife The Prophets Wife
The Prophets Wife The Prophets Wife
The Prophets Wife The Prophets Wife
The Prophets Wife The Prophets Wife
The Prophets Wife The Prophets Wife
The Prophets Wife The Prophets Wife

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